Self Development

The Inside Job – working on our qualities and character

Timeless Possession – ancient wisdom, eternal solutions

Missing Link – the need to think

Puzzle of Life – Everything in life eventually fits in

Advanced Insignificance – why humility is not depressing

Character or Capability? – what matters more?

Divine Power – Becoming empowered

Spirit Secret The secret behind the secret

Window Shopping – The power to follow self development

Quietly Confident confidence comes from humility

Split Personality the two identities we have

Organised Chaos learning to let things go

Risky Businesswe discover our true potential when we take risks

Failed Successreal success is the internal victory

Top Gearlooking forward to old age

Lost Baggageovercoming the bonds of attachment

Phone a Friend tips on giving good advice

Heat of the moment – learning to resist temptation

Joyful Insignificance – the liberating effects of humility

Get Rich Quick – squanderinig your spiritual wealth

Character Reference – the qualities of highly successful spiritualists

Learning to be natural – spiritual spontaneity comes from regulated practice

Window Shopping – can modern self development gurus deliver the goods?

In the race… but not a rat… – the art of working with detachment

Life Changing Moments – preserving our spiritual insights and inspirations

Tolerating Happiness – remaining undiverted by short term gains and pleasures

Soft Cozy Beds – the power of habits

Yoga is Balance – having a balanced character and approach

Home Game – creating a conducive envirnment for your spirituality

Decisions Decisions – overcoming dillemmas in life

Progress not Perfection – how failures are stepping stones to success

Sage of the Steady Mind – overcoming worry and anxiety

IQ, EQ, SQ – developing your spiritual quotient

90-10 Rule – being in control of your life

Patience Patience – the need for patience and determination

Zero Tolerance – learning to accept with that which is beyond our control

Boiling Point – dealing with anger and frustration

Unconscious Incompetence – the importance of receiving feedback and advice

Distractions on the Path – three great obstacles for every spiritualist

24 Gurus – The Ocean – tolerating our own desires

24 Gurus – The Tree – learning the quality of selflessness

Rising Before the Sun – utilising the early morning hours for spiritual practice

Rewind, Play, Fast Forward – are we living in the past, present or future?

Being Yourself – the joy of being self-realised

Tolerate Provocation – the stories of great spiritualists

Master Plan – accepting the often inconceivable plans of providence

Cancer of the Mind – criticism, competition and complaining