Great Escape approaching the spiritual world

Mind Games the role of the mind in our life

Mr Motivatora closer look at Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’

Problem of Rocks – a closer look at God’s Omnipotence

Reality Check – the inconceivable nature of the spiritual reality

Conservative or Liberal – the respect of women in Vedic culture

Absolute Knowledge – the four effects of spiritual wisdom

Design your Destiny – life is an interplay of fate and free-will

Its all the Mind – attempts to explain religion psychologically

Cosmic Management – why God is invisible

Problem of Evil – a Vedic response to “why bad things happen to good people”

Head and Heart – the intelligence and emotions are both important

In my Opinion – why our opinion may not be as strong as we think

Mr Nice Guy – do I have to believe in God to be a good person?

A Good Bet – looking at ‘Pascal’s Wager’

Dead End – contemplating the reality of death