Lifestyle Management

Ancient Vedic teachings sustain and nourish millions of people all over the world to this very day. Catering for the body, mind and soul, they offer fresh paradigms for lifestyle reengineering in the Information age. This course offers an opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to make your life more productive, fulfilling and stress-free.

Session One: Going nowhere fast – Modern Lifestyle is fast paced to say the least – but have we seriously contemplated the direction in which we are heading? What is success? What brings deep and lasting fulfillment? Does economic and social infrastructure guarantee personal well-being, or do we need other dimensions to our life?

Session Two: Mantra yoga & meditation – The practice of yoga was first disclosed in Sanskrit texts dating back thousands of years. Despite such ancient roots, the recent utilization of yoga & meditation by hospitals, schools, prisons and corporate organizations, reaffirms the immense benefits of these spiritual practices. We will explore the physical and emotional benefits, while simultaneously delving deeper into the spiritual roots of yoga and meditation.

Session Three: Inner peace & world peace The popular saying goes “We are what we eat.” Some find it hard to grasp, but there is a clear and definite link between how we treat animals, and how we treat each other. Employing violence to satisfy our palate leads to global chaos.

Session Four: Power of Habits Bad habits, they say, are just like soft cozy beds – very easy to get into, but extremely difficult to get out of. Good habits, on the other hand, are difficult to form but very easy to lose. This session will offer tips and techniques on how to adopt sustainable and healthy living choices. We will conduct a self analysis using the ‘Vedic Personality Index (VPI)’ and identify positive improvements to our character, culture and lifestyle.