Practical Spirituality

Comparitive Religion – Why we shouldn’t compare with others

Divine Intervention – Where is God when you need Him?

Mechanics of Spirituality – Avoiding mechanical and ritualistic spirituality

Don’t Look Back – Being focused on the spiritual mission

Acid Test – Our selflessness and substance will be tested

I’mmoral Should spiritualists be moral?

Constant Change – The beauty of simplicity and sameness

Market Fluctuations – How to thrive in ups and downs

i-Gnore – Taking good advice

Mission Impossible – Discipline and determination in spirituality

Head Space – Deeply contemplating spiritual subjects

Soul-utions – Make the most of the morning

Three Steps – Idealism, realism, optimism

Public Eye – Balancing the private and public

Flying Solo importance of individual strength in spirituality

Top Gear elements of a successful spiritual movement

Free Speech over-communication in the Information Age

Private Eye our three lives

Choose Life how every aspect of life affects our spirituality

Lessons on the Road3 essential types of activity in our life

Digesting Life 3 ways in which we react to life’s challenges

Guilty Consciencewhen we fall short of the standard

Build High Dig Deepthe need for strong spiritual foundations

Slow Progresshow to judge our spiritual progress

Lost Baggagecutting our attachments

No Time!making quality time for spirituality

Bubble Bathreading spiritual literature on a daily basis

Stepping Forwarddealing with obstacles and difficulties in life

Servant Leaders – qualities needed to become a true leader

Bring out the Best – the approach of brilliant spiritual leaders

Countdown – balancing patience and urgency in our spiritual journey

Sacred Space – a story that the Archbishop told me

What’s in a Word – the logic and purpose behind writing about spiritual subject mattter

The Road Less Travelled – benefits of early morning meditation

Blind Eye – seeing the reality of suffering in the world

Grateful or Great Fool – the attitude of gratitude

Can of Worms – balancing material duties with spiritual aspirations

One World One House – how spirituality can cross al barriers

Moral Inconsistency – the logic of vegetarianism

A.W.O.L – turning your work into worship

Split Personality – maintaining spiritual principles in daily interactions

Doctor Who – the need for all occupations… including full-time career monks!

Smiling Faces, Crying Hearts – the pain of others may not be immediately visible