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The Lone Mendicant – Deepeng our renunciation

Coming Back SoonDiaries from India 

Living the Dream Diaries from India 

Simple SpiritualityDiaries from India 

Good Old DaysDiaries from India 

Soul SearchingTraveling to India 

Street SpiritualityTraveling up and down the country

Messiah Complex an afternoon with Russel Brand

Spiritual Melting Pota trip to the famous Kumbha Mela

The Journey Homeon pilgrimage to India

I-Land here I-come!travels in Ireland

The Great Escape – spiritualists dont escape, but actually address the real problems of life

A Royal Meeting – an appointment with the Queen of England

Google vs God – has technology replaced God?

Religious War – does religion cause war?

Inner Peace Outer Peace – the source of global tribulations

The Inside Story – one conspiracy theory you can be 100% sure of

Politically Correct – the need for spiritual wisdom in political circles

In Times of Need – reflections on the Japanese Tsunami

The Real World – are spiritualists escapists?

Spirit + Ritual = Spiritual – instead of ritual worship, shouldn’t we help people?

Trapped in the Web – the shackles of modern technology

News of the World – why spiritual information remains ever-fresh

Disaster Zone – reflections on the Haiti Earthquake

The Brighter Side of Life – pessimism, optimism and realism

If everything is matter… then nothing matters! – mechanistic worldviews cannot solve the world’s problems

It Could Be You – the problems of gambling in society

Artificial Intelligence – how modern inventions have created more problems

Stepping off the treadmill – the need for retreat and introspection in our lives