Simple Spirituality

Vrindavana is special. I always question my qualification to even approach the most sacred place in the universe. My commitment is weak, my character is flawed and my mentality remains self-centred. The deficiency of purity blocks my vision and appreciation of the situation I find myself in. Still, I have come here as a beggar. I hope I’ll meet the saints, remind myself of what is really important in life, catch a glimpse of Krishna, and reconnect with the voice of inspiration within. I’ll try and keep my eyes, ears and heart open, so I’ll receive what I have come here to get.

A casual stroll through the village streets reveals a depth of wisdom. Holy places are invaluable because they are a living theology. What it written about in pages of books and talked about in hours of discourses, is lucidly revealed in the simple lifestyle of devotion that comes so naturally to the people here. We often relate how spirituality became a part of our life – but here we can see how people’s lives have actually merged into the spiritual reality. It’s a different level of devotion. Everything naturally revolves around Krishna.

Interesting to think of a worldview where we are not the centre. But how can I not think about myself first? It seems alien, unfulfilling and even scary. Ironically, however, that utter selflessness brings one to the most profound level of spirituality. Water the roots, and the whole tree automatically becomes satisfied. Feed the stomach and the entire body is nourished. In other words, when our frantic search for selfish happiness stops, and we absorb ourselves in selfless service to God and His parts, we perfect our spirituality and experience true satisfaction of the soul. Nothing mystical, magical or esoteric – just the simple eagerness to serve. It is that simple. So simple, Swami Prabhupada once said, that we may just miss it.

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