Theology & Religion

Faithless – The beauty of having faith

Good WordsThe power of prayer 

Martial MysticsA very special guru 

Ego Death Getting in touch with our real value 

Good humansShortcomings of humanism 

Double-edged SwordKnowledge accompanied by devotion 

Divine GraceAppreciating a great saint

Motherly Loveunmotivated and uninterrupted devotion

Dancing God Vedic Perspective of God’s personality

Tangible Proof the lives of saints prove the existence of God

Conscious Revolution why is this movement failing to revolutionize the world? 

Spiritual Melting Potvisiting the biggest human gathering on earth

Free Will How God creates the possibility of atheism

Instant Karma – How we can learn from the past, even though we don’t remember it

One but Different – Intelligently understanding the unity in diversity of religions

Saintly Connections – Obtaining the favour of other spiritualists

Centre of Attention – How God serves His devotees

Access Denied – Learning spiritual wisdom with the help of others

The Dancing God – A unique conception of what God is like

All your eggs in one basket – Can we reserve judgement on the ultimate questions?

Multi-Level Spirituality – The Vedic System of religion offers something for everyone

Idols – Understanding the rationale behind worship of Deities

Divine Conversations – Why does God need to hear our prayers?

Half a Chicken – Accepting selective parts of different traditions

Face Off – the measure of success in religion

Mind Control & Brainwashing – Vedic teachings give free the mind

The Logic of Reincarnation – how reincarnations helps to solve life’s mysteries

Boot Camp – the regulated practice of spirituality

Converting or Uncovering? – why spiritualists share their message

No Man’s Land – the struggle of a spiritualist

Are you Buddhist? – Buddhism and the Bhagavd-gita

Looking for the right thing… In the wrong place… – a different perspective on happiness

My Inspiration – the qualities of Swami Prabhupada

Emotional Issues – the real reason for atheism

Principles of Freedom – how regulations brings true freedom

Religious Extremes – looking at religious unity in diversity

Institutionalised – becoming too comfortable in our suffering

Building Castles in the Sand – the futility of mateial aquisitions

Cult or Culture? – the authenticity of the Vedic tradition