Emotional Issues?

You may have seen the latest ad campaign. Seeing people passionately assert and preach atheism has always baffled me. The idea that we die forever, that there is nothing more than this and that life ultimately has no spiritual value… they basically condemn themselves to complete NONEXISTENCE yet remain inspired and enthusiastic to share the ‘good news’ with everyone. Maybe it’s just me, but it all seems a bit strange.

To logically prove or disprove God is very difficult – yet people fervently hold themselves to the atheistic viewpoint which provides no tangible benefit. The net result of the philosophy is that we are all accidents, our life here has no real meaning, and we are subjected to complete annihilation of identity at the end of this life. I can’t find anything inspirational about that.

It seems that those who dedicate their lives to teaching this most likely have some emotional issue and predisposition to deny God in any shape or form. No offence, but it almost seems stubborn and irrational. Let’s take out all the failings of religion. Let’s forget all the hypocrisy and ritualism in the name of God. Let’s forget all those fire and brimstone sermons aimed at inciting fear in the people. Let’s forget our anxieties of everything that we’d ‘miss out on’ if God really did exist and we had to follow Him. For a moment, let’s just look at the world rationally as a neutral observer. At least as a working hypothesis, would it not be fair to assume there is some intelligence behind it?

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