Take a bird that has lived in a cage for a long time. You can take it to a field, open the door and let it out, but the chances are it will fly back into the cage. Often times prisoners commit suicide or re-offend simply because they can’t live life in the outside world after so many years behind bars. With the great offer of freedom also comes a great fear and inhibition.

Similarly, the Bhagavad-gita explains how living entities have become institutionalised in the material world. After our sojourn for so many lifetimes, it seems hard to break free of materialistic desires, goals and aspirations. To go against the grain and make a declaration of ‘no faith’ in materialism is definitely the path less traversed.

It takes great courage and strength to practice spirituality in an age where materialism is at fever pitch. For the aspiring spiritualist, temptations are endless, criticisms are abundant and obstacles are plenty. Yet with enthusiasm, patience and great determination the fruits are incredibly sweet.

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