Conscious Revolution

Corporate powerhouses continue to grow, media giants maintain their muscle, and political alliances invariably dominate the landscape. Society is advancing at breakneck speed toward deeper-rooted worldliness, and it seems unstoppable. Our humble efforts to penetrate this complex network and implant a spiritual message can sometimes feel futile and ineffectual. Ancient prophecies and saintly commentators, however, beg to differ. They unequivocally state that the teachings of Bhagavad-gita will eventually revolutionise modern thinking and activate a paradigm shift in the world.

It’s a hard one to stomach. In all honesty, we don’t really seem to be having a significant impact on the world. Most view the Krishna movement in a kind-hearted way: happy and harmless folk who bring some colour to the street. They struggle, however, to appreciate the gravity and substance of the spiritual message. If this theological canon encapsulates the comprehensive truth of life, the universe and everything, why is it not prominently shining forth in the world? Why isn’t this movement affecting mass numbers of people in a profound way? Even though the teachings have been made available, why do most of the populace remain uninterested and apathetic?

Audience – maybe people are not ready. Immediate popularity is not a reliable measure of the relevance, importance and long-term effect of something. Just see what hits the headlines and you’ll catch my point.

Negligence – maybe the carriers of the message have neglected to present it in a pure and dynamic way. Every spiritualist is charged with the task of preserving their principles, while simultaneously adapting to the modern world around them. You have to be relevant.

Patience – maybe the spiritual revolution is brewing, but hasn’t yet reached the explosive point. The greatest religious traditions took decades and centuries before they were universally recognised and widely adopted.

Influence – maybe the institution is small, but the influence is widespread. Numerous philosophical tenets of the Bhagavad-gita have been embraced by the modern world: the futility of materialism, meditation, reincarnation, the law of karma, vegetarianism etc. These are the core beliefs of many people, who won’t necessarily affiliate themselves with a particular spiritual movement.

My conclusion: sincere spiritualists are surely making a huge difference. That said, there’s lots more work to be done.

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