Closing Doors, Opening Worlds

By nature I’m fairly introverted, but the opportunities to serve others meant life became very public. I sought simplicity, but daily duties have become somewhat complex. I thought monastic life would offer predictability and sameness, but nowadays I’m not sure what country I’ll be in next week. Did I lose control of life? Maybe I did, but then I see how Providence arranged everything I needed, but nothing that I necessarily envisaged. You have to live life going forwards, but can only sometimes make sense of it looking backwards.  

On Sunday 26th June I had the opportunity to make my vows of lifetime renunciation (sannyasa) – my name was changed from “Sutapa Das” to “Svayam Bhagavan Keshava Swami” (or “Keshava Swami” for practicality). It’s a life in which we close a few doors in the material world, to hopefully clear the way to a world of unlimited possibility. As I embark on a journey into the unknown, I look forward to many more adventures, experiences and divine revelations.