Spirituality & Success

In a rapidly changing world, we need more than academic qualifications to navigate ourselves to success. Formal education teaches us to read, write and learn, but little regard is given to the values, principles and ethics by which we live our lives. Content of character, inner strength and clarity of consciousness will guarantee one success in their spiritual and material endeavors alike.

Session One: IQ, EQ, SQ – IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests are famous for assessing our logical, mathematical and linguistic skills. In recent years, psychologists and neuroscientists have increasingly been talking about the need for Emotional Quotient (EQ). One step further is the notion of SQ – Spiritual Quotient. Learn what these individual capacities are, and how to develop them within yourself.

Session Two: Spiritual techniques in the art of learning – Spiritual techniques can significantly improve our powers of learning. Through the processes of yoga and meditation one can increase memory, their powers of perception and lateral thinking abilities.

Session Three: Leadership for an age of higher consciousness – Everyone is a leader in one capacity or another, since leadership is required is all areas of human endeavor. The effective leader is able to bring out the best in people by cultivating certain attitudes and approaches – humility, love, patience, maturity, knowledge, clarity, courage and cooperation. Such spiritual vision gives one the edge in situations where others may fall short.

Session Four: Stress Management – Stress is one of the most common ailments in the modern world. We all react in different ways – fright, flight or fight! Modern psychologists approach the problem based on the concept that humans are biological and mental machines. Thus, their solutions fail to search out the root of the problem. The Vedas explain that contentment, tolerance and inner happiness is our original spiritual nature, and we simply have to rekindle it.