Vedic Perspectives

The evening news is riddled with stories of war, famine and injustice in every corner of the world. The resolution of one issue often gives rise to another. The solutions of politicians and social scientists seem temporary, superficial and ineffective. Suffering has become an integral part of society such that many have become desensitized to the struggles of those in need of food, shelter and basic health care. As Gandhi once said, “the world has enough for every mans need but not for every mans greed.” Vedic principles offer a fresh perspective on the chaos of the modern world, prescribing spiritual solutions to create social harmony and peace.

Session One: Religion, War & terrorism – What are the actual causes of war and terrorism? We will take a historical look into the mentalities and worldviews which foster divisiveness, conflict and hate. Is it possible to reverse such trends by introducing genuine spirituality in a way that promotes unity in diversity?

Session Two: The ‘Love’ Vacuum – Modern society has undergone a sexual revolution. Many feel that foolish and primitive shackles of sexual restraint have been cast away, and more progressive and liberating conceptions of sexuality have come to the forefront. Unfortunately, relationship breakdowns, divorce, domestic violence, and sexually related diseases have simultaneously increased. Why has nature engulfed us in such a nightmare? It may be time to reassess our ideas of sexuality, which may be more perverse than progressive, and more lewd than liberating. What is true love, and how can we achieve it?

Session Three: Spiritual Environmentalism – Twenty years ago, no one gave a damn. You could gum up a river with factory sludge, chop down rain forests wholesale, spray fluorocarbons into the air like a kid sprinkling confetti, and no one would say boo. No longer. Grade-school kids want to grow up to be ecologists. New York tycoons sort their trash to recycle. Rock singers play concerts to save prairies and wetlands. Political candidates tell us they’re worried about the fate of the three-toed baboon. But what does it actually mean to care about the environment – and what is the most effective, practical, and sustainable way we can go about doing it?

Session Four: Trapped in the Web – We went through the Stone Age, the Ice Age, the Iron Age, and now we are well and truly part of the Information Age.  From bullock carts to jet airplanes, from pigeon messengers to wireless internet, from herbal medicines to ICU, from swords and spears to atom bombs – how can we deny the obvious benefits of technology? Nevertheless, technology has also created newer problems which are proving very difficult to address. We explore how spiritual principles help ensure that modern technology contributes to the highest aims and noblest ends of society. Along with efficiency and effectiveness, how can we ensure cohesion and personal wellbeing?