Free Will

We may wonder why it isn’t blatantly obvious that God exists. How can so many people miss the most important concept? Why is there even a shadow of doubt? Surely such an astounding divine reality would shine out above and beyond anything else. The Vedic teachings offer an alternative perspective. It’s actually an amazing exhibition of God’s ingenuity to create the possibility of atheism. God designs the world in such a way that people can explain Him out of the equation! He leaves room for explanations which (at least externally) seem to coherently explain the universe in purely mechanistic terms. In other words, He doesn’t make it a completely ludicrous proposition to not believe in Him.

There is an element of force in intellectually cornering someone. If you were obliged to believe in something it would be difficult to simultaneously pour your heart into it. Thus, since God is ultimately interested in pure unalloyed loving relationships, He endows us with independence and offers an array of options. Having said that, He does also present a persistent spiritual philosophy which cements His ontological position as God. Ancient scriptures provide an in-depth analysis of creation, consciousness and the workings of Mother Nature. They clearly establish that belief in a higher reality is a scientifically credible option.

However, while one remains on the intellectual platform there will always be a ping-pong of arguments to consider. There will always be an element of doubt. Hesitancy will remain. To become truly convinced one must progress beyond the intellectual. The higher dimensional methodology involves a transcendental exchange with God. Great teachers have documented a sensible process of devotional practice that culminates in divine love. Scientific, calculated spiritual practices (in Sanskrit, sadhana-bhakti) performed with enthusiasm, patience and determination, usher one towards the spiritual reality. Eventually, we are able to relate to God, just as we would relate to anyone around us. That’s the real proof that we’re all looking for.

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