News of the World

Stepping onto a late-evening central line train I saw a familiar sight – old newspapers lying around everywhere. Nobody wanted a second look. The world is constantly changing, new information surfaces, and what we heard yesterday (or even earlier today) no longer stimulates the mind. We need new revelations to hold our attention. Even bestselling novels can only be read a few times at most. Spiritual literature, on the other hand, seems timeless. I recently met someone who had read the Bhagavad-gita over thirty times… cover-to-cover!

Depth of spirituality may not necessarily come from acquiring masses of information or discovering esoteric truths that the layman may be unaware of. Rather, it’s about realizing and internalizing essential truths deep within our heart and consciousness. Spiritual wisdom can be read again and again, since it speaks to you differently at different times in your life. As we connect our life experiences to the ancient insights of great sages we find that the divine guidance is relevant in all times, places, and circumstances. Those divine words are not repetitive or hackneyed, but are full of eternal significance.

Practically everyone enjoys a juicy mango. Although they cyclically arrive with the seasonal changes, year after year, the sweet and relishable taste neither disappears nor diminishes. Rumour has it that they taste even better with ice-cream! Spiritual knowledge is just like that sweet mango – it is pleasing to the soul no matter how many times you have heard it before. Furthermore, that knowledge becomes even more relishable when not just read, but discussed, debated and imbibed with the input of genuine spiritualists.

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