Home Game

I never understood home advantage. You’re playing against the same players, using the same ball, running on the same grass, and trying to score in the same-sized goalposts. What’s the difference? Well, the familiar environment and encouraging crowd have a huge effect. Every football pundit will tell you – when you play at home, even before you step onto the pitch it’s as if your one goal up. No doubt, any team will grab the opportunity to play at home.

Spirituality is also easier when you have home advantage. ‘Home’ consists of the right habits, the right diet, the right atmosphere and the right company. To become fully selfless, humble, tolerant and completely dedicated to pleasing God is a difficult task. However, that huge internal transformation can come about when we diligently (and seemingly mechanically) make all the small external changes. Sometimes we brush off these small details of spirituality as insignificant and unimportant in the bigger picture. However, these details are there for a reason. They are the small steps that help lead to the big change of heart we are all searching for.

How clean is our environment? How regulated are we in habits of eating and sleeping? How careful are we about the tone and content of our speech? Pure action leads to pure mind which leads to pure consciousness. Gradually the spiritualist readjusts his life little-by-little. In this way, he rests in a sacred space of consciousness, a temple of peace… the spiritual ‘home ground’ where it’s easier to remember who you are and what your purpose really is.

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