Divine Power

Ancient texts poetically describe the effects of divine empowerment. Through it, the lame can cross mountains, the dumb can speak eloquently and the blind can see stars in the sky. Observing my spiritual friends achieve amazing things is living testimony to this (not that any of them are lame, dumb or blind, nor that it makes them anything less if they were). Accessing divine empowerment, however, is open to everyone. The secret lies in developing the ‘selfless service attitude’ – it starts with the necessary, advances to the possible, and matures in the impossible.

Necessary – first, we should become established in doing the necessary: what should be done. This is the foundation. We rise beyond our personal emotions, learning to act with a sense of duty and responsibility. We serve with the knowledge that it’s the right thing to do.

Possible – as we evolve, the focus shifts towards doing the possible: what can be done. Here, we actively seek opportunities to serve. We don’t wait for a need to arise or a request to be issued, but eagerly search for the chance to contribute. We begin to taste the unique delight of spontaneous selfless service.

Impossible – in spiritual maturity, we approach the impossible: what can’t be done. When our hunger to serve takes us to full capacity, we are bolstered by a divine empowerment which transports us beyond our mundane limits. Here, we begin to function on the spiritual platform, transcending all material calculation. Unimaginable things transpire around us. Miracles can become daily affairs.

Let’s increase, expand and push the boundaries. This is where we experience the divine presence first-hand. After all, ‘impossible,’ the Swami said, is only found in a fool’s dictionary.

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