Puzzle of Life

Progress on the spiritual journey is like putting a puzzle together.

We pick up different pieces from different places. The people we contact, namely family, friends, colleagues, critics, mentors, managers, and others, are not simply there by chance. These individuals are strategically placed by providence to make a unique contribution to our development. They craft different aspects of our personality to evolve, educate, edify and enlighten us.

The pieces don’t always come in the ‘right’ order. We often get confused and play victim, since the experiences and events of life can seem haphazard, meaningless and even unfair. Even if it ‘doesn’t fit,’ a wise person registers each one with a genuine sense of value and appreciation. The bigger picture is revealed to the patient and tolerant; somewhere along the line all the pieces of the master plan fall into place.

At different times, we work on different parts of the puzzle. Often times, certain areas of our life are clear and cut, but the rest remains hazy and uncertain. Though we yearn to see the complete picture with everything in place, it’s simply not possible to complete everything at once. At different times we have to focus on different things, gradually building the landscape of our life, bit by bit.

Pieces need to be moved and adjusted. Flexibility and adjustment are key qualities for success. Sometimes we make mistakes, bad decisions and wrong moves, but solutions are always available. The maturity of years coupled with the humility of heart, allows one to readjust and refine their life. We seldom get it right first time.

As the puzzle of our life takes shape, our priority and purpose also becomes clear. We’re all here to bring something unique to the table. Once, in an attempt to occupy her restless child, a mother tore up a magazine spread of the world and instructed her daughter to piece it together. Within minutes the child returned successful. Bemused, the mother inquired how she managed it so quickly. On the back of the spread was the smiling face of a young girl. The child revealed her secret:  “It was easy – I just put the smiling girl together, and the world came together automatically.”