Rising before the sun

I am staying in Leicester for one week. My schedule has slightly changed so I am trying to rise around 3am everyday and study the scriptures till 5am. I then do my personal meditation till 7am. To begin the day by focusing on the highest principles of living and reminding myself of the ultimate purpose of existence is absolutely essential.

The morning hours are extremely precious for any spiritual aspirant. On a practical level the environment is quiet and peaceful, and also the body is refreshed after a good night’s rest. Most importantly, the mind is less distracted and one will find it much easier to access the higher intelligence and consciousness. Try driving a car to central London at 8.00am in the morning and no doubt you’ll get stuck in all kinds of traffic jams. Then drive the same route at 5am and it will be a straight road through.

With the rude awakening of the alarm the body screams and the mind protests, but we learn to ignore immediate comfort and strive to diligently utilise the precious early hours. Thus we gradually work away at all the impurities in the heart namely lust, anger, greed, envy and pride. As the dripping water wears away the rock, as the hair imperceptibly grows longer day by day, in the same way we make sure and steady progress by daily focusing on our spiritual practices, preferably rising before the sun.

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