Restricted Freedom

KOVIDA 2020 #5: Freedom

Latest: UK Lockdown intensifies – no social visits, no whimsical shopping, no unnecessary trading, no avoidable traveling, no public gatherings. Everything will be police-enforced.

We’ve seemingly lost our freedom. But… consider this:

When ‘freedom’ means that everything is so available that we become familiar and complacent, what’s the benefit? If ‘restriction’ generates an appreciation and gratitude of what we’ve taken for granted all these years, where’s the loss?

When ‘freedom’ means we act and speak unrestrictedly, oblivious to the ramifications, what’s the benefit? If ‘restriction’ creates the space to exercise our freedom to THINK, helping us become sensitive and aware, where’s the loss?

When ‘freedom’ means we’re bombarded by so many things that we can’t focus on anything, what’s the benefit? If ‘restriction’ allows us to concentrate on a few things and do them well, where’s the loss?

When ‘freedom’ means we become imperceptibly dependent on comforts and facilities for our sanity, what’s the benefit? If ‘restriction’ helps one develop the wealth of detachment from temporary arrangements which are bound for destruction, where’s the loss?

When ‘freedom’ means we’re so ‘close’ to people that we don’t deeply connect, what’s the benefit? If ‘restriction’ creates a physical separation that sparks more conscious and meaningful interaction, where’s the loss?

Misused ‘freedom’ actually limits our life.
Utilised ‘restriction’ can open the doors to real freedom.

Freedom, my friends, is defined by something way deeper than governmental laws. Consciousness creates reality.

Find Opportunities in Problems.