KOVIDA 2020 #3: Contradictions

Someone asked me if we should pray for the protection of our loved ones – of course we should! But it got me thinking.

A deep fear about losing family and friends…
but are we as worried about how we relate to them while their alive?
A deep fear of disease and illness…
but are we as concerned about bad diet and no exercise when we’re healthy?
A deep fear that we’ll lose our freedom…
but are we fussed about our daily laziness, procrastination and time-wasting?
A deep fear of death…
but are we bothered about living a meaningless life?

Ironic isn’t it? We’re worried about what we’ll lose, but neglect it when we have it… and I’m culprit number one! But not to fear – there is still some time! Some hope. Maybe COVID-19 will help transform our contradictory existence. Instead of worrying about what may be in the future, lets focus on what can be right here and now.

Find opportunities in problems.