COVID to Kovida

KOVIDA 2020 #1

Latest: COVID has hit 200,000 cases worldwide, triggering over 8,000 deaths.

In Sanskrit, the word “Kovida” refers to one who is intelligent, wise and philosophically inclined. To appropriately respond to COVID, we each have to become Kovida. Positive affirmations, optimistic propoganda and comforting words are appreciated… but only go so far. We need spiritual insight to decode this mysterious global event.

It may be worth taking a break from reading endless articles and watching every other newsflash. We pretty much know what’s happening. Instead of getting bogged down into the crazy world of panic, open up to the bigger picture of life. Close observation will reveal an incredible correlation between whats written in ancient wisdom texts and what we see before our eyes. If we pause for a moment and digest the deeper lessons that are surfacing, we may find that COVID ushers us into a fresh new reality, individually and globally.

Find opportunities in problems.