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BB Cover Icon.jpgTime ticks by, and everything in our life changes – the place where we live, the people who surround us, the responsibilities we shoulder and the condition of the body we possess. In the material world, change is unstoppable (cannot be checked), uncontrollable (could occur in any way) and unpredictable (could happen at any time).

To navigate this unpredictable world, Krishna lends us a helping hand. Srimad-Bhagavatam is known as Book Bhagavata – the Supreme Lord who has appeared in the form of a scripture. The saints recommend that we form a deep bond with this sacred text and carry it as our constant companion. While everything else in life may change, this book, and the vision it lends us, remains a constant source of inspiration, strength and wisdom. As we browse through the pages, we’ll find a relevant story, an inspiring personality, a striking situation, a philosophical exchange or a powerful life lesson which illuminates our heart. Every word brings life back into perspective, reminding us of the greater journey we are on, and filling us with clarity, hope and inspiration.

“Book Bhagavata” attempts to present an easy-to-follow overview of the entire text, while simultaneously extracting key philosophical concepts, historical facts and life lessons from the various episodes. This new book is meant to inspire the reader to excavate the Srimad-Bhagavatam for their own transcendental gems and explore the original source of knowledge: the profound narrations of the sages, translated and commented on by Srila Prabhupada. “Book Bhagavata” has ultimately been produced in a spirit of self-improvement, with the sincere desire to deepen my connection with this priceless treasure-house of knowledge. Please forgive any mistakes I have made, which are likely due to my limited knowledge and lack of spiritual depth.