Blogging Out

After 10 years of happy blogging it seems a natural time to take a break. Thanks for encouraging me, offering feedback and correction, and supplying ideas and inspiration. It’s a grave responsibility to re-present the teachings of celebrated saints, a task which calls for genuine purity and freedom from worldly ambition. Forgive my weaknesses.

I never really saw myself as a writer (and I still don’t), but its an art that is profoundly magical. Every time I began writing something, I saw my mind in front of me – a stream of haphazard thoughts, jumbled and confused. Often times I sat in front of the keyboard and had nothing substantial to write at all, confronted with my superficiality and shallowness. Those humbling times forced me to close my eyes, dig deeper and explore the inner world. While shuffling through my words, I’d chop and change, repair the mistakes, refine the meaning and streamline the flow. Mystical things would transpire. As I edited the words, I felt as though I was editing my consciousness. Every post published was like a mini victory – it seemed like an insight had been installed and solidified into a deeper space within my consciousness. A changed man.

No doubt, the practice of writing is high-end personal development. As one of my favourite writers, Krishnadas Kaviraja Goswami, the 16th century poet, philosopher and saint, said: “Whether I know it or not, it is for self-purification that I write this book.”

But for now I’m logging out. A book of collected writings will be made available soon for anyone who is interested, and the Tattva website will stay live. I’m always looking for fresh ways to transmit the teachings of Srila Prabhupada further afield, so if you have any brainwaves do drop me an email.

Let’s see where the journey takes us next.