Free Book Download: Bhakti Life

We may read a lot of spiritual knowledge, but sometimes the practical application can be ambiguous and unclear. What practices should I perform on a daily basis? How can I change my lifestyle to support my spirituality? When challenges and obstacles arise, how should I react? “Bhakti Life” is a humble attempt to answer some of these questions and offer some practical information for the aspiring spiritualist.

Bhakti-yoga is not an armchair philosophy, a religious doctrine or a Sunday ritual. It is a way of life. In the Bhakti-Rasamrita Sindhu, a 16th century thesis on the science of devotion, the great teacher Rupa Goswami perfectly outlines how to practice bhakti-yoga in one’s daily life. Drawing from these timeless teachings, we have attempted to distil 18 simple steps that will aid one’s journey to Krishna. Engaging in these practical acts of bhakti-yoga will awaken a deep sense of fulfilment, happiness and enduring satisfaction. Indeed, Krishna assures us that the individual who is steadfast and determined in such spiritual practices can see Him face-to-face. It’s that simple.

Download “Bhakti Life” by clicking here (right click and “save link as…”)

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