Humble Pie

“Sorry” is a feared word. It’s extremely difficult to utter, but tremendously powerful when we do. In a recent disagreement with someone I reflected on my attitude and approach. Even if I was right, was it progressive to just fight my corner and maintain my doggedness? Sometimes, to take the humble position, to say sorry and accept the arguments of someone else, to concede despite being convinced that you’re right, has an incredible effect.

On a personal level it can create a sense of detachment within you which feels surprisingly liberating. You can move on in life without having the issue constantly haunt your consciousness. On a relationship level it can do wonders to improve the depth of your interaction with others. You demonstrate that you care more about the person than the issue, which ultimately builds love and trust in your relationships. And ironically, even with regards to the issue itself, it takes the whole interaction to a more spiritual level. “Opposing parties” begin to appreciate that you’re not simply out to defeat them but that you are actually interested in the wellbeing of all involved – this removes ego and pride from the situation, and opens up the door for real solutions.

To take the humble position and say sorry is not some mindless reaction opposed to rationale and intelligence. By taking that position you allow yourself to grow from a situation rather than stagnating and frustrating yourself which will ultimately lead to degradation of your own consciousness. No doubt, there are situations when we have to stand up and maintain our resolve that “this is wrong”. But on balance, we tend to gravitate to this position more often than not, saving the humbling times for when we are outright wrong. Maybe taking the humble position and saying sorry is becoming a lost art.

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