Braving the elements

I was recently driving from Sheffield to Manchester and in the course of a one-hour journey experienced everything from torrential rain to brilliant sunshine, with even some spells of high winds and hail stones. To say it was a mixed bag would be an understatement. I have rarely experienced a week of consistent weather in this country.

While driving I was reflecting how the life of an advancing spiritualist is comparable to the weather. Just like the brilliant sunshine, there are moments of great insight, enthusiasm and inspiration, but unexpectedly the heavens can open up, with times of disappointment and insecurity, and even spells of apathy and disinterest. The spiritualist plays the role of a doctor, offering advice and wisdom to others, but the spiritualist is also a patient experiencing his own struggles and tribulations.

With each downpour of rain, we comfort ourselves knowing that it rarely continues for the entire day. At some point it will stop. Similarly, the spiritualist keeps his struggles in perspective, knowing they are temporary obstacles which will be eradicated with dedicated, focused spiritual practice. With each downpour of rain, we run for cover and find some shelter from the elements. Nobody wants to get wet. Similarly, the aspiring spiritualist finds shelter in the ancient scriptures, the spiritual teachers and fellow practitioners, all helping us keep everything in perspective. Each downpour of rain is often greatly uncomfortable for us, although we can also appreciate the weather is greatly benefitting the vegetation and plant life. Similarly, the spiritualist always reflects how the greatest struggles are also causing the greatest transformation and purification of consciousness. In this way, the struggling spiritualist learns to brave the elements… rain or shine.

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