Going Nowhere Fast

This year, Tattva is facilitating a Lifestyle Management course at various universities across the country. The aim is to take the spiritual concepts and practices of the Bhagavad-gita and apply them to the modern day context. On Monday, we had one of the sessions entitled ‘Going Nowhere Fast’ at Cambridge University. In attendence were about 25 people from various cultural and academic backgrounds. We had a thought provoking discussion on materialistic worldviews, the limitations that go with them, and the essential need for genuine spirituality in society.

Modern culture is so fast paced that often we may not get the chance to stop and think about our direction and deeper purpose in life. The demands and pressures that go with our various life situations invariably keep us very busy. It may necessitate us to take a step off the treadmill of life, and spend some time ‘thinking out of the box’ in terms of what success in life really is, and how we can achieve it.

One of our attendees studying theology at Cambridge, shared with us just before leaving – “its so refreshing to finally be with a group of people who are talking about real issues in society, and not just skimming the surface”.

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